Crocodile Farms

There is quite a fascination with crocodiles which is why they often live in captivity on farms. These animals aren’t there due to being endangered as they have successfully thrived around the world for more than 200 million years. In most instances they are placed on a farm to clear them out from a given location.

Crocodile farms often bring in tons of visitors too. They also want to see crocodile shows that involve risky maneuvers such as putting a head or arm into the mouth of the crocodile. Sometimes wrestling with these enormous creatures is part of that entertainment as well.

Being able to see these animals in such a habitat though has offered researchers with plenty of information. They have been able to see how they interact with each other in the water. They are also able to see the mating process from start to finish. This is a complicated animal to understand.

Crocodiles do very well adapting to being in a captive state. They do need lots of water in order to grow to their full capacity. If the amount of water is limited then they won’t grow such as when they are in a tank. They don’t experience stress like many types of animals do when placed in captivity.

We don’t have a definite way to determine how old crocodiles are either. When they are born into captivity, they can be monitored and that information comes to light. It isn’t uncommon for them to live from 70 to 100 years in captivity. There is no reason to suggest they can’t live a very long life in the wild too.

Today, most of the crocodiles that are in captivity are born that way. However, there are some that come into facilities after events in the wild. For example a swamp they called home may have dried up, leaving them nowhere to go. Since they simply can’t hunt fast enough on land they would die if they remained there.

Others have injuries from being hunted, but they didn’t die. A few of them have eyes that have been injured in such events. Others have damaged appendages due to being caught in nets or fighting against other animals. They have a safe haven being in captivity so they can live a longer life.

The fact that crocodiles aren’t in captivity for their own protection is a huge area of debate among animal rights groups. They feel these animals have a right to be in the wild and to live as nature has intended. Even with good living conditions in captivity they aren’t happy with the methods being used to keep these animals in one location.

On the other hand though you have many people that would rather see these animals in a safe place – where both they and humans aren’t going to interact in a dangerous situation. They don’t want the risk of being attacked or to have to share their land with these types of animals.