Crocodile Hunting

While it is illegal in some areas, crocodile hunting is a very common sport. Some people do it because they don’t like them around. In areas such as Florida, the Gulf of Mexico, and Louisiana they are abundant. Many people hunt them to simply reduce the overall population. They are fearful of these reptiles and would love nothing more to get rid of them. They try to hunt the young ones too so that they don’t have the chance to successfully reproduce.

Some people are simply avid hunters, and they will go after just about anything. Crocodiles can be easier to find than some other animals to hunt. Plus, you can do it in many areas all year long. You don’t have to wait for a specific period of time or apply for a tag and hope you get lucky. Hunting very large crocodiles is common too because people love the bragging rights that comes with doing so.

There is money to be made from the hides of crocodiles though which is why some people go after them. The hide is tanned and then sold to make a variety of products. This includes shoes, belts, and fashionable handbags.

In many parts of the world crocodile meat is considered to be a delicacy. There are villagers that live around habitats for these animals. They are very poor and so they will go hunt these animals. They use the meat, the use the hide, and they use bones and other parts of the body to make tools. They are very creative when it comes to finding ways to ensure their basic needs are met.

There are people that live in Florida that have unexpected visitors at their door. They have built their homes close to the wetlands so it is convenient to get in a boat and to move through the water. Yet these crocodiles are coming from the water to their yards and even into their homes. That has created stir in such communities, and crocodile hunting has increased. Their goal is to reduce the number of them so they won’t be such a threat.

In many areas you can pay for a guided crocodile hunting safari. Those leading such expeditions know the best places to go find them. They offer the transportation as well as tips for getting a good sized crocodile. They can also help with safety issues that the average hunter may not be aware of. This is a type of sporting activity that people from all over the world are very interested in. Africa is one of the most well known places for this to take place.

There are locations where it is illegal to take part in crocodile hunting. They are protected by the law. This often pertains to certain species of crocodiles when a decrease in their numbers has been identified. Sometimes the hunting can be allowed one year, limited the next, and banned the following year. This is because there are people keeping a close eye on the population. They want it to stay at a certain level – not higher or lower.

Anyone hunting for crocodiles definitely needs to be careful. These are very intelligent animals. You never know when they will be in a hunting mood themselves. They may be the prey in your mind but to them you are an intruder. They may even think of you as a great meal. Part of the thrill of hunting these animals though is that they are dangerous. For those that are looking for large crocodiles to trophy hunt, they may spend lots of time surveying the area.