Crocodiles in Popular Culture

There seems to be a huge amount of unsettled fears about the crocodile. Many people have never seen one in real life. Yet they do have a fear of these fierce animals. For others they know first hand what they can do. They happen to live in regions where the crocodile is in close proximity.

Steve Irwin was well known for his methods with animals. The crocodile was no exception. He had no fear of these animals and was often seen swimming with them. One controversial act though involved him holding his child who was only one month old at the time that he was feeding a crocodile. Some felt he should face child neglect charges for it. That didn’t happen and Irwin continued to be in the spotlight with animals until his death.

The picture of a crocodile having his teeth cleaned by a bird is one that is fascinating. This does occur because there is a certain species of bird that climbs into their mouths and removes bacteria in there. They eat what is in the mouth and the crocodile patiently waits. This type of picture has been used for various books, advertisements, and of course in the world of promoting quality dental hygiene.

The crocodile can be used in advertising to show a very tough exterior that is durable. I can also represent a sharpness that the business is able to offer. It can also be used to show it demolishing the competition. There are many different sports teams out there too that use it for a logo.

In 2004 a children’s book was published to show an adventure involving a crocodile named Pui Pui. She was captured in Hong Kong around the Shan Pui River. She was captured by the conservation department. They initially wanted to place her in captivity. Yet once the public got wind of her there was a huge interest in her. The public even got to suggest the name for her.

Due to the donations that poured in for her, a private enclosure was created. Part of what has made her a celebrity is that she is so large. The fact that it took three years for her to be successfully captured is also interesting. Today she has in indoor enclosure as well as access to the outer pool that she can freely access. She gets thousands of visitors every single day. She has also brought more awareness in Hong Kong to the issue of animal conservation.

In the story of Captain Hook you will find that it was a crocodile that took off his hand. It was later replaced with a hook. Ironically, in some of the tales of Peter Pan it is said that he was the one responsible for removing the hand. It all depends on which version of these stories you happen to be reading.

You will see crocodiles in the form of leather around all over in popular culture. They are used to make boots, handbags, jackets, belts, and more. People tend to pay a premium price for such items as well. They love the way they look and feel. They also enjoy the fact that they are going to last a very long time. Crocodile skin can hold up well to the elements.

There are many stores that sell such items all the time. You can also buy them online if you don’t have anything locally. Another part of popular culture has to do with hunting safaris to go track them down. In areas of Africa the people are very poor. One method they use to be able to make money is to guide such expeditions.